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Kerry Covenant of Mayors success story featured at STEP Conference

XD Consulting was invited to present at a recent conference organised by the Mid Western Regional Authority in the framework of the EU STEP project. The event, held at Limerick County Hall on 21 March, gathered key stakeholders in local authorities and national energy agencies to discuss alternative financing tools for sustainable energy, with a particular emphasis on their application in the public sector. Xavier Dubuisson of XD Consulting gave an account of the work accomplished by Kerry Local Authorities in that area, highlighting their commitment to the European Covenant of Mayors (over 5000 signatories worldwide) and the benefits of the Covenant for municipalities in Ireland. XD Consulting provided technical assistance to Kerry Local Authorities in developping their Sustainable Energy Action Plan, a key element of this commitment. Xavier’s and other presentations are available here.


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District Heating Workshop – Best Practice Lessons from Denmark

‘XD Consulting is delighted to be associated with this training workshop which will bring some of the best international experience in district heating to Ireland.

When & Where: 12 & 13 June 2014, The Enterprise Centre, Cloughjordan Ecovillage, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

It is organised jointly with the Tipperary Energy Agency as part of the European SUNSTORE4 project which aimed at demonstrating the technical and financial feasibility of 100% renewable energy supply to district heating system. The project demonstrates renewable district heating on the island of Marstal in Denmark, which is connected to the largest solar thermal plant in the world (33,000 m2) working in conjunction with seasonal storage, a bioenergy system and advanced heat pumping technology. This workshop aims at sharing the results of the project and will be a unique opportunity for participants to gain an insight into the potential for replication in Ireland. The workshop will also be an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the feasibility study tools developed by the SUNSTORE team and have ‘hands-on’ experience of the renewable district heating project in Cloughjordan.

For full details and registration, click here.

33,000 m2 solar thermal system at Marstal, DK

Irish Water Footprint

An aThe Irish Water Footprint_infographic_iiea-environment_nexus_2013-compressedverage Irish person consumes a staggering 3,600 litres of water per day, 97% of which outside the home. The indirect use includes water used to produce the goods and services we consume – or ‘embodied’ water. This blog of the Institute of International and European Affairs provides a striking visual as to how we use water – 87% for agricultural products, including 27% for meat, 10% for milk and 8% for cereals. As in many develop Western countries, Irish consumers and businesses have externalised their water footprint, importing water-intensive goods from abroad. But as climate change and population growth place increasing pressure on water resources, it is imperative for businesses and governments to cut direct water consumption and supply chain consumption to sustainable levels. Find out more about ways for businesses and governments to cut direct water consumption and supply chain consumption to sustainable levels by watching Prof. Hoekstra’s (University of Twente, NL) presentation at the IIEA.

Tyndall’s Solar Energy Workshop proceedings

The proceedings of the Tyndall National Institute’s Solar Energy Workshop are now available online

Keith Barnham extract






Source: Extract from Keith Barnham’s presentation

Solar Energy for Community Development

Xavier Dubuisson, MD of XD Consulting, was invited to give a presentation at the Solar Energy Workshop “Reviewing the status and strategy of Ireland’s Solar Industry” organised by the Tyndall National Institute in Cork last week. This event was organised by Tyndall in conjunction with the International Energy Research Centre (IERC) and supported by Enterprise Ireland through the ENIAC  FP7 project ERG ( The grathering and presentations demonstrated the vibrancy and quality of the research activity undertaken by Irish academic institutions and industry, and the linkage it has at international level. There was also a robust debate about the need for solar technology, in particular PV, to come out of the woods in Ireland and to be given an integral and significant part in the sustainable energy policy agenda here.

In his talk, Xavier gave an overview of XD Consulting’s work with Sustainable Energy Communities and the initial results of our Renewable Energy Roadmap project with Transition Kerry and Kerry County Council. He emphasized the rationale for solar photovoltaic energy to play a central role in community-based green energy initiatives and discussed his most recent findings on the economics of PV in Ireland – showing return on investment of at least 8% (IRR) in commercial-scale projects with conservative assumptions. With all the talk in town being about grid-parity of PV in sunnier climates (Eddie O’Connor states in his last blog that new solar PV and new coal are almost at the same price in South Africa and New Zealand), we are not far off PV becoming competitve in Ireland. Do not hesitate to contact us for details on our analysis and the services we provide in the area of solar technologies.

A selection of slides from Xavier’s presentation:

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