109 km/hr or 59 knots, that’s the speed achieved by Australian Paul Larsen on his sailing boat the ‘Vestas Sailrocket 2’ last week in Namibia. This is the new world record of sailing speed, previously detained by a kitesurf in 2010 (55.65 knots). Aptly enough, the project is sponsored by Vestas, world leader in wind […]

Sustainable Tourism, An Opportunity for Spike Island

With Spike Island’s Master Plan hitting the media, today in the Irish Examiner, we wish to highlight interesting web resources on sustainable tourism, here in Ireland and abroad. Many of the ideas and principles explored in these videos and websites inspiredf the Sustainability Strategy of the Spike Island master plan. Sustainable tourism promotes a virtuous […]

Spike Island Master Plan approved by Cork County Council

The vision for Spike Island to become a major new international tourist destination is revealed, with the recent publication of the Master Plan, by Cork County Council. Compiled by a team of experts, lead by Scott Tallon Walker and destination specialists, CHL Consulting, the document plans out  the magnificent opportunity to create a new 100 […]