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Energy Master Planning

We believe the energy system of the future will ultimately be decentralised, harnessing local renewable energy sources to meet local energy demand. There are many examples of communities across Europe who have achieved 100% renewable energy supply. Gussing (AT) and Samsø Island (DK) for example embarked in this process almost two decades ago and are now beacons of sustainable energy communities worldwide. While European and national policies aim to foster the renewable energy transition, it is practical action at a local level that makes this development real. In Ireland and in many European countries, local authorities are developing their own sustainable energy strategies. A multitude of community-based initiatives such as Transition Towns are harnessing their human and financial capital to redefine their energy future and develop community renewable energy enterprises.

Samsoe Island Plan

At XD Consulting, supporting local authorities and community stakeholders in defining their sustainable energy strategies and developing their projects is core to our mission. To that effect, we offer the following services:

  • Prepare tailored Local Energy Plan concepts in consultation with local stakeholders and in line with relevant policy framework (Convenant of Mayors, NREA, etc.);
  • Analysis of baseline energy and emissions balance for the study area projection of future energy demand considering socio-economic trends and policy targets;
  • Assessment of potential renewable energy resources in the study area and feasibility studies of associated generation, storage and distribution technologies;
  • Definition of future sustainable energy scenarios and modelling of energy systems based on medium and long-term targets for high renewable energy penetration.
  • SWOT analysis of the modelled scenarios from the perspective of energy infrastructure, organisational and institutional capabilities, financial feasibility, planning and policy, etc.
  • Preparation of action plans for the implementation of the recommended scenario(s), stakeholder consultation, awareness-raising campaigns, etc.
  • Support to local stakeholders in evaluating and developing business opportunities arising from the Local Energy Plan.

Some examples of projects carried out by XD Sustainable Energy Consulting Ltd. in the area of Sustainable Energy Planning

What Our Clients Say

“The RetroKit team worked with us in 2018 to develop a Positive Energy District concept for a Smart City project in Bishopstown. They helped us define a detailed strategy for deep energy retrofit for one of Cork City Council’s housing estates as part of the concept. We were very impressed by the level of flexibility offered by RetroKit to investigate a wide range of energy renovation options, and by the quality of the evidence provided to inform our investment plans.”  

Brian Cassidy

Senior Executive Engineer, Cork City Council Housing Department