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Market Research

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Our principal consultant, Xavier Dubuisson, has over a decade of experience in market development for sustainable energy technologies in Ireland and at European level. Armed with his passion for the subject, he brings to the table excellent skills as a communicator and an extensive network of contacts at all levels within the sector.

He has worked with numerous organisations in developing and implementing promotion campaigns for a wide range of audiences. As technical manager of SEAI’s Renewable Energy Information Office for 6 years, he was instrumental in expanding the Irish renewable heat market from a low €200,000 to €30 million strong by 2007.

Xavier’s long-standing career in different segments of the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector gives him a deep insight into its history, the policy framework and the socio-economic conditions that have shaped it. He maintains very good contacts with key players in the industry and public institutions in Ireland and Europe, and keeps his finger on the pulse of latest trends in the market place.

If your company is looking to establish or expand its sustainable energy activities in Ireland, or export them in other markets, XD Consulting and its partners can help you with:

  • Market research and regulatory/policy framework analysis;
  • Business planning and company formation;
  • Supply chain and sales network development;
  • Product certification and registration with relevant bodies;
  • Developing a fruitful relationship with your peers in the industry, specialist media and public authorities;
  • Devising your marketing strategy.