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Near zero energy building

The first step of the Kerry SEC Roadmap project was to establish an energy balance (supply and demand) and energy-related CO2 emissions for the county. The objective of an energy balance is to identify the energy used within a region and to categorise it by sector and by fuel in order to establish a baseline for a reference year against which sustainable energy targets for the county can be set. In addition, the analysis establishes an historical profile of energy demand from 1990 to 2008, and makes projections for future use based on current trends as well as energy reduction and renewable energy supply targets. Energy use is then translated into related CO2 emissions as well as energy expenditure in the county providing indicators of the economic and environmental impacts of current usage and future changes.

Energy & emissions balance, energy infrastructure analysis:

What Our Clients Say

“The RetroKit team worked with us in 2018 to develop a Positive Energy District concept for a Smart City project in Bishopstown. They helped us define a detailed strategy for deep energy retrofit for one of Cork City Council’s housing estates as part of the concept. We were very impressed by the level of flexibility offered by RetroKit to investigate a wide range of energy renovation options, and by the quality of the evidence provided to inform our investment plans.”  

Brian Cassidy

Senior Executive Engineer, Cork City Council Housing Department