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Client: Limerick Clare Energy Agency 

Date: 2011-2012 


Local energy planning

Renewable energy resource

The objective of this study was to develop an action plan for the transition of the Limerick-Clare Region to a sustainable energy system between now and 2020, based on:

  • an extensive assessment of current and future energy demand, and associated emissions;
  • renewable energy resource analysis for the region;
  • modelling of alternative energy systems and analysis of economic, environmental and resource use impacts.

The study also models long-term scenarios of 100% renewable energy supply to illustrate how 2020 plans contribute to a full transition to a low-carbon energy future. Key conclusions include:

  • The Limerick-Clare region can produce 70% of its electricity and 25% of its total energy demand from renewable sources by 2020, while reducing costs, emissions and creating 2000 local jobs;
  • A significant focus should be given to thermal energy, with district heating in urban areas and individual heat pumps in rural areas as key technical solutions;
  • While there is approximately 10 times more renewable energy in the region than will be required in 2020, the biomass resource is constrained and its use should be optimised.

XD Consulting was co-author of the study together with Aalborg University (co-ordinator), University of Limerickand Crystal Energy.