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Renewable Energy System Analysis & Design

10 kW solar PV on 2-axis trackers in X. Dubuisson's homeplace (Aulnois, BE)

10 kW solar PV on 2-axis trackers in X. Dubuisson’s homeplace (Aulnois, BE)

We have long-standing experience in renewable energy, dating back to 1997. We have participated in numerous renewable energy projects in Ireland and internationally, from the domestic to the commercial scale. XD Consulting’s expertise covers an extensive range of technologies, in particular:

  • Bioenergy: wood boilers, anaerobic digestion, biomass gasification and CHP;
  • Solar energy: solar thermal for domestic hot water, space heating, swimming pools; grid-connected and off-grid solar photovoltaic systems;
  • Wind energy: on-site wind generation in domestic and commercial applications;
  • Geothermal heat pumps: ground, water and air source heat pumps for domestic and commercial applications.

We can assist you right from the start of your project development, providing reliable and independent advice and design support including:

  1. Desktop and on-site renewable energy resource assessment;
  2. System concept development and feasibility studies;
  3. Legislative and regulatory framework analysis and planning support;
  4. Support in identifying funding opportunities and application submission;
  5. Stakeholder consultation and project communication;
  6. Detailed system design and project specification;
  7. Tendering and procurement support;
  8. Installation inspection and reporting;
  9. Promotion of your project via case studies, study tours, etc.

With the help of commercial simulation software and our own models, we are capable of undertaking a fast, interative design process leading to system optimisation, with reliable projection of future performance. We also use internationally recognised Life Cycle Cost analysis software to determine the financial feasibility of your project as well as their environmental impact.