XD Consulting on District Heating Study Tour in Denmark



Xavier Dubuisson from XD Sustainable Energy Consulting visited Kolding, Billund, Aarhus and Aalborg to learn from EU district heating experts and work with his SmartReFlex partners on Irish district heating projects. The study trip also included a visit to the Legoland solar district heating system in Billund.

Xavier attended the 4th International Solar District Heating  Conference which took place in Billund where he represented the EU SmartReFlex project which aims at supporting the development of 100% renewable district heating in emerging market, such as Ireland.

He then met with his SmartReFlex colleagues at the Danish District Heating Association and PlanEnergi in Kolding and Aarhus respectively, to review the case studies and feasibility studies undertaken by XD Consulting on district heating projects in Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Finally, he presented some of the heat mapping work recently completed as part of SmartReflex project at the 2nd International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating Conference  which was held in Aalborg on 22nd and 23rd September. Click on image for the full presentation.


Xavier’s study visit to Denmark in the framework of SmartReFlex was a unique opportunity to get an insight into state-of-the-art smart, renewable district heating systems, and the huge contribution they make towards the decarbonisation of the energy system in Denmark. He is also very grateful to his SmartReFlex colleagues and other international experts he met along the way, for their welcome and generous sharing of expertise and know-how.


Sustainable Energy Information Office opens in Chisnau, Moldova

Xavier on bike in Moldova
Xavier Dubuisson (MD from XD Consulting) demonstrating the interactive pedal power exhibit at the newly opened Sustainable Energy Information Office in Chisnau, Moldova

The inauguration ceremony of the Moldova Sustainable Energy Information Centre took place on 15 April 2016 in Chisinau, Moldova with the participation of Mr. Valeriu Triboi, Deputy Minister of Economy of Moldova together with Mr. Alexandre Darras, Attaché-Project Manager at the EU Delegation to Moldova, Mr. Mihail Stratan, Director of the Energy Efficiency Agency of Moldova (AEE), and Mr. Adrian Twomey, INOGATE Project Team Leader.


Tanya Daniel Lujanskaya and Irina Plis from AEER Moldova
Tanya Daniel Lujanskaya and Irina Plis from Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables in Moldova, with whom XD Consulting teamed up to open the centre, enjoying the kids’ corner.

The Chisinau Sustainable Energy Information Centre, housed in the Moldovan Agency of Energy Efficiency, will serve as a hub for a number of initiatives by NGOs, businesses and education institutes, aiming to inform and educate citizens. The centre’s staff will focus on outreach activities and will be equipped with interactive exhibits, demos of sustainable energy products, and lots of information material. They will work closely with the hub members and run regular roadshows to local communities to promote country-wide awareness on energy efficiency. A strong emphasis is also given to the use of social media and digital communication to engage with younger audiences.

During the ceremony, the participants had the opportunity to interact with interactive displays and exhibits prepared for the Sustainable Energy Information Centre and to collect information materials. XD Consulting, together with local partners, provided advice and technical assistance to the Agency for Energy Efficiency to establish the centre, as part of a EU-funded project under the INOGATE programme for energy policy co-operation in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.


XD Consulting promotes sustainable energy information centres in INOGATE partner countries

Xavier Dubuisson, XD Consulting’s managing director, was invited to present at a recent conference of the INOGATE programme in Moldova on 19 March 2014. The INOGATE programme is an international energy co-operation programme between the European Union and the Partner Countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Xavier’s presentation communicated the role of Sustainable Energy Information Centres in the deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies across Europe, and reflected on his experience as technical manager of the Renewable Energy Information Office of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). The REIO was awarded ‘Best National Renewable Energy   Partnership’ in 2004 as part of the EU Campaign for Take-Off Award. A copy of Xavier’s presentation is available here.

_G0A8059Round table discussions_G0A8060


Solar Energy for Community Development

Xavier Dubuisson, MD of XD Consulting, was invited to give a presentation at the Solar Energy Workshop “Reviewing the status and strategy of Ireland’s Solar Industry” organised by the Tyndall National Institute in Cork last week. This event was organised by Tyndall in conjunction with the International Energy Research Centre (IERC) and supported by Enterprise Ireland through the ENIAC  FP7 project ERG (www.eniac-erg.org). The grathering and presentations demonstrated the vibrancy and quality of the research activity undertaken by Irish academic institutions and industry, and the linkage it has at international level. There was also a robust debate about the need for solar technology, in particular PV, to come out of the woods in Ireland and to be given an integral and significant part in the sustainable energy policy agenda here.

In his talk, Xavier gave an overview of XD Consulting’s work with Sustainable Energy Communities and the initial results of our Renewable Energy Roadmap project with Transition Kerry and Kerry County Council. He emphasized the rationale for solar photovoltaic energy to play a central role in community-based green energy initiatives and discussed his most recent findings on the economics of PV in Ireland – showing return on investment of at least 8% (IRR) in commercial-scale projects with conservative assumptions. With all the talk in town being about grid-parity of PV in sunnier climates (Eddie O’Connor states in his last blog that new solar PV and new coal are almost at the same price in South Africa and New Zealand), we are not far off PV becoming competitve in Ireland. Do not hesitate to contact us for details on our analysis and the services we provide in the area of solar technologies.

A selection of slides from Xavier’s presentation:

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SmartReflex – Free District Heating Webinar and other News

smartreflex logo

The latest SmartReflex project newsletter has just been published with an article on XD Consulting’s work on a heat map for Tralee in County Kerry.



Free Webinar on District Heating

There is a free webinar taking place on Wednesday 26th October between 2-3.30 pm on  “Renewable district heating – Small local grids and cooperative utilities” In cooperation with ISES (International Solar Energy Society)

Speakers and presentation

  • Per Alex Soerensen, PlanEnergi “Cooperative companies running district heating grids: The Danish experience”
  • Oliver Miedaner, Solites “Energy villages” in Baden-Württemberg: Solar thermal and biomass for small scale district heating”
  • Per Kristensen “Braedstrup: The renewable district heating success story from Denmark”
  • Riccardo Battisti, Ambiente Italia – Moderator


For free registration follow the link:

Further information can be found here:


The final meeting of the project and combined Workshops/Study Tour on District Heating and Cooling will take place on 24th and 25th November in Kolding (DK).  External participants are very welcome and the event is free of charge.

Besides the presentations of the key findings and experiences in the beginning of the first day, there will be room for discussion and debates. Focus is on further steps towards implementation, including financial support, as well as replication to other regions. There are 2 site visits organised on the second day with a common dinner Before the first day ends with a common dinner, two site visits will be provided.

  1. Vejen district heating plant. Consumer-owned, established in 1960. Straw boiler, wood chips boiler, surplus heat, heat pumps, gas and oil boilers.
  2. Hejnsvig district heating plant. Consumer-owned, established in 1992. Solar thermal, wood pellet boiler, natural gas engine, natural gas boiler.

On the second day, depended on the number of participants, two additional site visits will be provided.

  • District heating plant with solar thermal and seasonal heat storage (pit thermal energy storage)
  • District heating plant with solar thermal and heat pump.

For more information click here.

Technical Design and Planning of RES District Heating and Cooling (DHC) Training Course

solar-panel-farmThis 2-day course is part of a series of training opportunities that will bring some of the best international experience in district heating to Ireland. It is organised as part of the European SmartReFlex project, which includes Irish partners Tipperary Energy Agency, Kerry County Council and XD Consulting. Smart Reflex aims to support the development of district heating based on renewable energy sources (RES) through know-how transfer and exchange of experience. This training will focus on the planning and technical design aspect of developing and operating a RES district heating project. It will be a unique opportunity for participants to gain an insight into the Danish experience of designing and deploying successfully district heating with renewable energy.

When: January 24th and 25th 2017 (9am – 5pm)
Where: Woodquay Venue, Dublin City Council Civic Offices, Woodquay, Dublin 8
Fee: €295 per person

Book here

Trainers: Per Alex Sørensen, PlanEnergi, Morten Hofmeister, PlanEnergi, Xavier Dubuisson, XD Consulting, Paul Kenny, Tipperary Energy Agency, Donna Gartland, CODEMA

Course Content:

  • Urban heat planning, DHC vs. individual heat supply, cooperative ownership, real examples of project development:
  • Mapping of present and future heat and cooling demand
  • Mapping of resources
  • Mapping of costs and competitiveness
  • Case-studies – examples from Europe and SmartReflex local project participants
  • Concepts on how to stepwise reach 100 % RES, e.g. utilisation of excess heat from industry
  • How to come from case studies to municipal and regional plans, addressing the necessary framework for development of DHC (e.g. risk analysis)
  • How to optimize technical solutions in 100% RES project implementation.
  • Design of substations and lay-out of DHC grid with low temperatures
  • Design of house installation – heating controls, efficient use of DH
  • Design of transmission and distribution networks – pipe sizing, branch sizing
  • The internet based calculation program isoCalc (from the manufacture of pre-insulated pipe systems isoplus) will be used for the hydraulic pipe dimensioning.
  • Production Technologies – excess heat from industry, Solar thermal, Biomass boiler, Biomass CHP, Biogas CHP, heat pumps, storage technologies.
  • RES production plants and how to calculate production price:
  • Calculation of district heating production plant
  • Calculation in EnergyPro of production cost
    A 30 day licence for EnergyPro, energy project modelling software package, will be issued to all participants in the training course