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Article just published in Building Services News on district heating in Ireland and the SmartReflex project – click  here

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The latest SmartReflex project newsletter has just been published with an article on XD Consulting’s work on a heat map for Tralee in County Kerry.



The final meeting of the project and combined Workshops/Study Tour on District Heating and Cooling will take place on 24th and 25th November in Kolding (DK).  External participants are very welcome and the event is free of charge.

Besides the presentations of the key findings and experiences in the beginning of the first day, there will be room for discussion and debates. Focus is on further steps towards implementation, including financial support, as well as replication to other regions. There are 2 site visits organised on the second day with a common dinner Before the first day ends with a common dinner, two site visits will be provided.

  1. Vejen district heating plant. Consumer-owned, established in 1960. Straw boiler, wood chips boiler, surplus heat, heat pumps, gas and oil boilers.
  2. Hejnsvig district heating plant. Consumer-owned, established in 1992. Solar thermal, wood pellet boiler, natural gas engine, natural gas boiler.

On the second day, depended on the number of participants, two additional site visits will be provided.

  • District heating plant with solar thermal and seasonal heat storage (pit thermal energy storage)
  • District heating plant with solar thermal and heat pump.

For more information click here.

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