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With Spike Island’s Master Plan hitting the media, today in the Irish Examiner, we wish to highlight interesting web resources on sustainable tourism, here in Ireland and abroad. Many of the ideas and principles explored in these videos and websites inspiredf the Sustainability Strategy of the Spike Island master plan. Sustainable tourism promotes a virtuous circle of respect for our natural resources, doing ethical & profitable business and fostering the social, cultural and economic development of the host community – for the well-being and enjoyment of the visitors.

Source: DolphinWatch Carrigaholt

Starting with Irish sustainable tourism initiatives:

Loop Head, winner of the Ireland EDEN Award for Sustainable Tourism has managed to successfully develop
its tourism Industry while respecting the sensitivities of the local environment.

EcoTourism Ireland’s main goal is to assist ecotourism enterprises to manage tourism more sustainably. Their programmes help design, co-ordinate and test sustainable solutions on the ground. They also develop tools and guidelines to replicate good practice elsewhere.

DolphinWatch Carrigaholt offers dolphin watch tours in the Loophead peninsula. The company is certified by EcoTourism Ireland and has a very thourough environmental policy.

Sustainable Tourism Ireland promotes responsible tourism and organises ‘Green Tours’ in Dublin. Check out their video!