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XD Sustainable Energy Consulting’s Managing Director, Xavier Dubuisson travelled to Chisinau in Moldova between 28th September and 2nd October on a mission as key expert for the EU INOGATE programme to assist with the establishment of the national Sustainable Energy Information Centre. INOGATE is a regional energy policy co-operation programme between the EU and 11 partner countries in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. During the intensive week, Xavier worked with representatives from local NGOs, the Moldovan Agency for Energy Efficiency, the INOGATE staff and the national Economic Ministry to produce a strategy and action plan which will lead to the establishment of the Sustainable Energy Information Centre in Chisinau.

Xavier Dubuisson participating in the meeting of the Steering group responsible for setting up the Sustainable Energy Information office in Chisnau, Moldova.

First Steering Committee meeting for setting up the Sustainable Energy Information office in Chisnau, Moldova. From left to right: Nicolae Olari (Consultant, AEE), Valeriu Triboi (Vice-Minister of Economy), Mihail Stratan (Director, AEE), Denis Tumuruc (Vice-Director, AEE), Victor Parlicov (INOGATE Country Expert), Xavier Dubuisson (INOGATE Expert), Wolfgang Lutz (INOGATE key expert).

The centre will be operated under the aegis of the Moldovan Agency for Energy Efficiency and its objectives are to raise-awareness on energy efficiency and renewable energy, raise capacity through training and education and act as a hub for related initiatives by civil society, educational institutes and industry. Its key target groups will initially be householders and energy managers in the public sector. The concept was inspired by a study tour to Dublin in June 2015, organised by INOGATE Technical Secretariat and facilitated by XD Consulting, with a focus on the promotion of sustainable energy. The Sustainable Energy Information Centre’s establishment is being supported with technical assistance and funding by the INOGATE programme and has strong backing from the Moldovan Ministry of Economy. It will be officially launched at the Moldova Eco Energetica Awards in early December 2015 and will open its doors to visitors in April 2016.